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Enjoy your favorite cup of coffee enriched with modern every day
active ingredients supporting health, vitality and increase energy.
Fit4you® SLIM COFFEE is instant coffee in the form of a nutritional supplement, which
we have adjusted in our company so that it is rightfully included among those
the healthiest and most effective on the market. The biggest benefit is the addition
of three unique natural components Aquamin® (multimineral mixture
from sea water), Metabolaid® (weight adjustment and heart health), Frutiflow®
(a natural, science-based ingredient that helps maintain optimal
blood flow). Thanks to these and other added ingredients, SLIM COFFEE will provide you physical
excitement and mental focus. In addition, it eliminates all the negative effects of caffeine
and supplies your body with 74 vital trace elements.

Benefits of regular use:

– physical excitement

– mental focus

– support for the burning of fat

– improvement of blood flow

– maintains healthy platelets

– helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood

– helps maintain optimal body weight

– controls the feeling of hunger

– maintains a healthy level of glucose in the blood

– contains 72 bioactive substances

– helps prevent viruses from entering the cells

– blocks the onset of adenosine in the receptors (feeling of fatigue)

– protects the heart muscle

– supports the immune system

– supports cell division

– and much more…

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The basis of fit4you® SLIM COFFEE is high-quality instant coffee with a natural caffeine content of
approximately 260 mg per dose. In addition, it contains the following health-promoting active
substances, the selection of which we dealt with during development for more than two years and
consulted with several internationally recognized experts in the field of medicine and biochemistry:

Metabolaid® is an exclusive mix of plant extracts from Hibiscus and Lemon Aloe. It helps people with
metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance) to improve their health. Prevalence is increasing alarmingly
worldwide. A person suffering from this syndrome can be considered to be suffering from at least
one of the following factors: high waist circumference, high blood pressure, high sugar level and high

Verbascosides (from Alojzia) and anthocyanins (from Hibiscus) present in Metabolaid® act
synergistically and enable the following effects: increased feeling of satiety, reduced total cholesterol
level, reduced blood pressure, reduced fasting blood glucose level, weight loss and reduced body
mass index. These effects are supported by two clinical studies. Three new studies on satiety and
hypertension are underway. Studies also describe the mechanism of action of Metabolaid® on
various tissues (fat tissue, liver and muscles) by activating the AMPK enzyme, which is involved in
glucose metabolism and food intake.

Fruiflow® is a natural, scientifically based additive that helps maintain optimal blood flow. Based on
eight scientific studies, it has been confirmed that Fruitflow® maintains healthy blood platelets and
eliminates their clumping (blood clotting). The effect begins after 1.5 hours after use and lasts for the
next 12-18 hours.

Due to the action of various undesirable factors (stress, obesity, high cholesterol), but even sports
and other increased physical exertion can cause platelets to spike and clump together, which leads to
the formation of clots and the gradual clogging of blood vessels. Fruitflow® works by helping to keep
platelets smooth and preventing them from spiking. At the same time, it does not interfere with
blood clotting, which is necessary for wound healing.

Who is Fruitflow® intended for?

People suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol
People who are overweight and under stress
Older people
People who frequently travel by plane

What does Fruitflow® contain?

It contains bioactive fractions (nucleotides, flavonoids and polyphenols), which together include 37
bioactive components, all of which have a proven effect on platelet activity.

Fruitflow® is a registered trademark of DSM company.

Aquamin MG® is a unique marine multi-mineral complex providing bio-active magnesium, calcium
and 72 trace elements, which we receive critically little from our normal diet. It is extracted from
seawater from the Icelandic fjord areas from an untouched part of nature. Independently verified
studies include the following benefits: bone, teeth and joint health, digestion support.

L-carnitine is an amino acid that helps speed up fat burning by ensuring the transport of fatty acids
into cellular mitochondria. In addition, it increases endurance, brain function and regulates blood

Vitamin B6 plays an important role in a number of psychological and physical functions. It helps
maintain a healthy nervous system, improves mood and immunity and produces hemoglobin.

Choline is one of the most important substances for our body. It helps transport fats and at the same
time prevents them from being stored in the liver. It significantly affects the nervous system and the
ability to concentrate. With a lack of choline, the body is exposed to several health problems.

Taurine participates in several metabolic processes in the body. It also helps to eliminate the
negative effects of excessive caffeine use. Increases physical excitement and mental health. Some
studies confirm improved learning and better memory.

Ribodiet® is a unique mixture of nucleotides, molecules that are part of DNA and RNA nucleic acids
involved in almost all biochemical processes in the body.

The benefits of their regular use are:

Increasing IGA in saliva (the main effector for defense against microorganisms causing upper
respiratory tract infections)
Suppression of inflammatory processes (reduces the level of cortisol, neutrophils in the blood and
muscle damage)
Faster regeneration after performance
Anti-fatigue effect (inhibition of oxidative stress and improvement of mitochondrial function in
skeletal muscles)
Potassium is one of the most abundant and important minerals in the body. It has many health
benefits and its deficiency causes serious problems. On the contrary, its supply lowers blood
pressure, contributes to bone health, controls the level of glucose in the blood and plays an
important role in maintaining body hydration.

Zinc is an essential trace element. It is essential for cognitive functions, healthy bones, hair, nails, skin
and is involved in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats

Vitamin D3 is one of the most recommended and best-known vitamins in this period, due to the
support of the immune system, but also for strong and healthy bones, brain functions, muscle
functions and testosterone production support.


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